Creating the poster

With the video done, I went ahead and created the poster. First i looked at a few posters for famous browsers.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Mozilla_Firefox_Poster_by_The_Penciler chrome_poster_mike_lemanski_highres

I figured out the poster has to be visually attractive and to stand out. In the context of a cheetah, there is only 1 place where it would fit: in a jungle.

For the poster I created 3 different elements:

-a background picture with trees and a blue sky

-a branch with leaves of different colors

-text (“Coming Straight outta jungle… the Internet browser of the future:  Cheetah Internet Explorer. Fast. Reliable. Easy to Use”

Poster final

After all elements were put together I noticed the text was not clear enough. There were too many objects in the image and it was distracting to the eye. I wanted to put emphasis on the text and the logo. So I used a Lens Blur with a big radius to blur the background. I also blurred the leaves, but i used Gaussian blur with a small radius. I placed the logo in the centre and a copyright statement below. The poster was done.


Problems and finalizing the video

I used ZD Screen Recorder to record the 4 main clips where I use the Cheetah browser. In the first clip I navigated briefly through, on the second one I am typing my username and password on Gmail, in the 3rd one I am looking at bookmarks and in the fourth clip I’m navigating on Youtube. When I tried to import recordings in Sony Vegas I realised they’re not compatible. The format ZD exports in is not compatible with Sony Vegas and I can’t edit the recordings. So I used Xilisoft Video Converter (which I had on my PC) to convert the recordings to .avi. Then it worked fine.

RavenProDesign is a Youtube user and a SonyVegas designer. He creates tutorials, intros and custom intros. For some intros and all custom intros you have to pay bu he also has some free stuff for download. His Terms of Use page mentions that the videos are free to download and use by anybody, without a need for permission, unless you want to copy, distribute or transmit them.


Intro, template, projects are offered royalty free under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CCBY 3.0) License.

This does not mean it’s “copyright free”, however it does mean you are free to download the Intro, Templates, Projects and to:

USE – but “not” to copy, distribute and transmit the projects

Re-edit – to adapt the projects

Monetize – to make commercial use of the projects”

One video I found on his page had a dramatic song. The song fitted perfectly in my video so I decided to download it. Using Sony Vegas’ in-built Media Generators I created a blue background and I added a Lens Flare Effect. The Lens Flare effects is made with a combination of more Media Generators and Video Effects. To do the flare I modified the technique used in the tutorial below: (I kept this effect constant throughout the video)

I gave the text that precedes the recording a fade-in and a fade-out effect in order to look professional. I also lowered the opacity for all the text in the video.

At one point in the video you see a zooming on the recorded footage. That is one of the things I noticed in professional ads for browsers. They focus on important bits or on the thing I try to emphasis. I did this 2 times in the video, first time zooming on the Cheetah opening page and then on the bookmarks. This was easily done with Pan&Crop feature, by adding keyframes at various times in the video.

Mock-up presentation finished

In addition to the logo, I created 5 buttons in Photoshop for my Powerpoint presentation.

ln email musicCheetah SearchXbrowser

I created the mock-up presentation on the usability of Cheetah Internet Explorer. I took a print-screen of Google Chrome and modified the picture in Photoshop. I also added those buttons. I added the pictures in Powerpoint. Each slide represents  the browser at a certain point. Upon clicking, Powerpoint will go to the next point, thus creating the illusion of using the browser.


This is how the print screen looked at first.

This is how the edited image looks like.


At this point I realised I am missing a screen recording software. I want to make a video of me using the browser (with PowerPoint) but I need a screen recorder in order to do so. I had to go online and research about the most suitable software for this job. On Yahoo Answers people recommend Plimus, Camtasia, CamStudio or HyperCam. But those software are professional and more suitable for gaming screens. So I downloaded a trial version of ZD Screen Recorder. ZD proved to be very easy to use.


The storyboard for the promotional video is completed!! I have a clear idea of how the video will look like. Now i can focus on creating the mock-up of the new browser.

Storyboard 1Storyboard 2

Logo finished and research on Vegas Pro

I have finished creating  the logo, as well as a few alternatives to the logo.

u9 u roundcircle

I chose the first one. I went ahead and created the full logo, including the text.


The 3D text was very easy to create. I used the technique described in this tutorial on youtube:

Playing around in the Blending options I managed to add some spots to the text so it combines better with the picture of the cheetah.

The logo being done, I went ahead and researched into Sony Vegas techniques. There are many websites on Vegas tutorials on the Internet. Some of my favorite, that I checked recently are: ( here I learned how to make explosions, etc..) ;   and on their official website:

Aquul is a Youtube user who uploaded some very useful videos. He has all kind of stuff for Vegas Pro, including templates and tutorials on intros.

Here is a tutorial I’ve seen on how to make an intro:

Preparation and tutorials on logo design

For this project I will need the following equipment:

-a video editing software

-an image-editing software

-Microsoft Powerpoint

As the video-editing software I have the following choices: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro. Final Cut is not a choice as I’m a Windows user. I used all 3 software mentioned and they are all great but Sony Vegas is somehow easier to use. Also , I used Sony Vegas for a much longer time (3-4 years) and I’m an advanced user.  So I choose Sony Vegas Pro 12 to make this project. This is the latest version of the software, released in 2013.

For the image editing software the decision is easy. Adobe Photoshop is considered by many the best image editor there is. I have experience of using it for almost 3 years, since I started uni. I will use Photoshop CS6, which is the latest version of the software.

I will start by creating a logo for the browser. Before this, I took a look at some Photoshop tutorials in logos:

Logo design:

Cheetah Internet Explorer!

The reason I chose Cheetah Internet Explorer as the name is that I want to suggest the idea of speed. The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth and, connecting this to the name, it suggests fast browsing.

I have a few ideas of how the browser will look like. Since it’s called Cheetah IE, it will feature a cheetah on the logo; maybe a cheetah running. There are plenty of pictures of cheetahs on google images and i came down to 3. I will use these images later in Photoshop to extract the cheetah out an use it on my logo.

Cheetah 1_1 (1) Cheetah2

A few weeks ago, when I was still trying to decide on the product of the advert, I came across this video. A user created a concept for Windows 9. That means he created a presentation on how Windows 9 might look like and how you can use it. I send him a message and asked him how what software he used to make it. He replied Powerpoint. What we see on the screen are just Powerpoint slides but the way they are put together makes it look like a user is actually using Windows 9.

This gave me an idea. I can use Powerpoint to create a mock-up of my browser.