Video Ad ideas

The P5 Glove idea

The P5 glove is a Virtual Reality glove, based on sensors, and it’s used to interact with computers and virtual environments. The glove is mostly used in gaming and it looks very futuristic when somebody attaches it to his hand.

I have used the glove to play games and i also used it for my final year project. My idea would be to use the glove as the product and design a SF ad for it. The ad would be surreal and with a lot of effects. At this point i have 1 idea:

A random person walking on the street finds the glove on the sidewalk. He looks at it, then looks around to see if anybody has lost it. He then picks up the glove and puts it onto his hand. Then, all of a sudden he realizes the glove gave him super powers. He can stop time, make the the world go faster or slower.. etc. I would present this with a scene where the actor presses a button on the glove and traffic in front of him starts moving faster.


This is an instructional video i found on Youtube:


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