Browser features

Official ad for Internet Explorer 9 :

One thing I noticed while watching ads for browsers was the effects. Video adverts for browsers (and software in general) are full of special effects. They are more visual rather than telling a story. Videos have a visual impact and leave the viewers impressed. Also, the ads always show footage of the browser being used.

I particularly liked the ad for Internet Explorer 9. IT has a lot of graphic effects and it shows the most important features of the browser. If I was to make a new browser – it will compete with the existing ones: IE, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. Therefore it needs to stand up from the crowd. The browser will stand up if it has useful features, like it is reliable and it has a great speed.  But the first thing for me to do is to choose a name that help the browser stand up. So far I came up with these ideas for the name :

-Penguin Navigator

-Cheetah Internet Explorer




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