Cheetah Internet Explorer!

The reason I chose Cheetah Internet Explorer as the name is that I want to suggest the idea of speed. The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth and, connecting this to the name, it suggests fast browsing.

I have a few ideas of how the browser will look like. Since it’s called Cheetah IE, it will feature a cheetah on the logo; maybe a cheetah running. There are plenty of pictures of cheetahs on google images and i came down to 3. I will use these images later in Photoshop to extract the cheetah out an use it on my logo.

Cheetah 1_1 (1) Cheetah2

A few weeks ago, when I was still trying to decide on the product of the advert, I came across this video. A user created a concept for Windows 9. That means he created a presentation on how Windows 9 might look like and how you can use it. I send him a message and asked him how what software he used to make it. He replied Powerpoint. What we see on the screen are just Powerpoint slides but the way they are put together makes it look like a user is actually using Windows 9.

This gave me an idea. I can use Powerpoint to create a mock-up of my browser.


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