Logo finished and research on Vegas Pro

I have finished creating  the logo, as well as a few alternatives to the logo.

u9 u roundcircle

I chose the first one. I went ahead and created the full logo, including the text.


The 3D text was very easy to create. I used the technique described in this tutorial on youtube:

Playing around in the Blending options I managed to add some spots to the text so it combines better with the picture of the cheetah.

The logo being done, I went ahead and researched into Sony Vegas techniques. There are many websites on Vegas tutorials on the Internet. Some of my favorite, that I checked recently are:  http://www.aquul.com/tutorials/vegas-pro/ ( here I learned how to make explosions, etc..) ;    http://filmmakeriq.com/2009/10/303-sony-vegas-tutorials/   and on their official website: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/support/trainingvids.asp?prod=vegas

Aquul is a Youtube user who uploaded some very useful videos. He has all kind of stuff for Vegas Pro, including templates and tutorials on intros.

Here is a tutorial I’ve seen on how to make an intro:


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