Mock-up presentation finished

In addition to the logo, I created 5 buttons in Photoshop for my Powerpoint presentation.

ln email musicCheetah SearchXbrowser

I created the mock-up presentation on the usability of Cheetah Internet Explorer. I took a print-screen of Google Chrome and modified the picture in Photoshop. I also added those buttons. I added the pictures in Powerpoint. Each slide represents  the browser at a certain point. Upon clicking, Powerpoint will go to the next point, thus creating the illusion of using the browser.


This is how the print screen looked at first.

This is how the edited image looks like.


At this point I realised I am missing a screen recording software. I want to make a video of me using the browser (with PowerPoint) but I need a screen recorder in order to do so. I had to go online and research about the most suitable software for this job. On Yahoo Answers people recommend Plimus, Camtasia, CamStudio or HyperCam. But those software are professional and more suitable for gaming screens. So I downloaded a trial version of ZD Screen Recorder. ZD proved to be very easy to use.


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