Problems and finalizing the video

I used ZD Screen Recorder to record the 4 main clips where I use the Cheetah browser. In the first clip I navigated briefly through, on the second one I am typing my username and password on Gmail, in the 3rd one I am looking at bookmarks and in the fourth clip I’m navigating on Youtube. When I tried to import recordings in Sony Vegas I realised they’re not compatible. The format ZD exports in is not compatible with Sony Vegas and I can’t edit the recordings. So I used Xilisoft Video Converter (which I had on my PC) to convert the recordings to .avi. Then it worked fine.

RavenProDesign is a Youtube user and a SonyVegas designer. He creates tutorials, intros and custom intros. For some intros and all custom intros you have to pay bu he also has some free stuff for download. His Terms of Use page mentions that the videos are free to download and use by anybody, without a need for permission, unless you want to copy, distribute or transmit them.


Intro, template, projects are offered royalty free under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CCBY 3.0) License.

This does not mean it’s “copyright free”, however it does mean you are free to download the Intro, Templates, Projects and to:

USE – but “not” to copy, distribute and transmit the projects

Re-edit – to adapt the projects

Monetize – to make commercial use of the projects”

One video I found on his page had a dramatic song. The song fitted perfectly in my video so I decided to download it. Using Sony Vegas’ in-built Media Generators I created a blue background and I added a Lens Flare Effect. The Lens Flare effects is made with a combination of more Media Generators and Video Effects. To do the flare I modified the technique used in the tutorial below: (I kept this effect constant throughout the video)

I gave the text that precedes the recording a fade-in and a fade-out effect in order to look professional. I also lowered the opacity for all the text in the video.

At one point in the video you see a zooming on the recorded footage. That is one of the things I noticed in professional ads for browsers. They focus on important bits or on the thing I try to emphasis. I did this 2 times in the video, first time zooming on the Cheetah opening page and then on the bookmarks. This was easily done with Pan&Crop feature, by adding keyframes at various times in the video.


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