Creating the poster

With the video done, I went ahead and created the poster. First i looked at a few posters for famous browsers.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Mozilla_Firefox_Poster_by_The_Penciler chrome_poster_mike_lemanski_highres

I figured out the poster has to be visually attractive and to stand out. In the context of a cheetah, there is only 1 place where it would fit: in a jungle.

For the poster I created 3 different elements:

-a background picture with trees and a blue sky

-a branch with leaves of different colors

-text (“Coming Straight outta jungle… the Internet browser of the future:  Cheetah Internet Explorer. Fast. Reliable. Easy to Use”

Poster final

After all elements were put together I noticed the text was not clear enough. There were too many objects in the image and it was distracting to the eye. I wanted to put emphasis on the text and the logo. So I used a Lens Blur with a big radius to blur the background. I also blurred the leaves, but i used Gaussian blur with a small radius. I placed the logo in the centre and a copyright statement below. The poster was done.


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